Summer Nuc - Available end Dec/Jan

Summer Nuc - Available end Dec/Jan


You will need to provide your Ag Vic Beekeeper Registration for transfer form.


Available late December or early January weather pending - Date to be confirmed.


5 Frame, early Nucleus Hive, with a new season, mated queen, from Queensland Queen breeder.

Health of hive is tested for AFB at Gribbles, cetificate will be available.


Personal checks welcome upon arrangement, prior to pickup or installation.

If you want me to install your nuc, you will need to add the instillation option to your purchase. You will get 1hr of my time as a one off, to help you get started and go through the basics.

If you have signed up for a mentoring package - Nucleus will be installed for FREE.


Your Nucleus hive will come with:

- A brand new Hive doctor, corelfute box

- 5 frames worth of bees, bursting to get out

- New season mated queen either golden italian or caucasian from Qld breeder

- Queen will be marked

- Nuc will have stores (pollen and honey/nectar)

- Vareity of brood from eggs, larvae & capped brood

- Laying pattern will be checked before delivery

- Health will be checked before delivery

- Will be tested for AFB, comes with certificate AFB free, test results will also be available

  • Proof of registration before pickup of delivery

    To keep bees you must register with the Agriculture Victoria.

    It is free if you do it online for under 5 hives.

    It is a requirement that I fill in a hive disposal form so I will need to record your registration before I can hand over the nuc.


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