Basic Intro to Beekeeping in Victoria

Basic Intro to Beekeeping in Victoria

If you want to prepare before getting a hive or the bees have found you and now you need to get up to speed, this eBook has all the basics you need to consider with specific details in regards to regulations for compliance here in Victoria, Australia. 

A quick read to point you in the right direction which will save you HOURS and HOURS of research and answer many questions.

Contents includes:

  • What else besides honey; why keep bees?
  • Beekeeping vs Bee-having, What kind of Beek?
  • Mood, behaviour and bee traits
  • The Bee Season over 1 year
  • Major tasks in hive management
  • Basic Equiptment - and where to source it
  • Different beehives and their parts
  • Where to source bees from
  • Legal Requirements and Safety
  • Approx. Investment and Other resources
  • I've changed my mind, how else can I help?
  • Native Bees & other pollinators

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