Honeycomb - Limited availability

Honeycomb - Limited availability

Australian Raw Honeycomb: From the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Each Apiary harvest is kept seperate to support those who seek local honey to help in reducing Heyfever Symptoms.

Honeycomb can ONLY be produced when there is a very good extended nectar flow.

Orders can be made online with pickup by appointment only.

Mixed Floral: (see map)

1. Tarneit, 2. Hoppers Crossing North, 3. Hoppers Crossing Central, 4. Yarraville, 5. Point Cook, 6. Werribee and Cappings Blend.

Sizes Available: approx = c350g - $15

For queries email hive@cmghoneybee.com.au or call 0413066213

  • Production of Honeycomb

    CMG Honeybee raw honeycomb is pure honeycome that the bees have build themselves fresh - I do not provide anybeeswax foundation so what they build is pure.

    Once fully capped, the frames of honeycomb are then frosen for 48 hours, then simply cut straight from the comb and put into a box - that's it. I do not top up with any extra honey so net weight will vary slightly, but will be close to 400g.

    Raw Honeycomb is a living food with active enzymes, vitamins and trace amounts of pollen. Raw Honeycomb is also a probiotic, so good for gut health.

    Honeycomb still contains the subtle floral notes that can somethimes be lost from jar honey. Honeycomb is delightfully creamy when spread on hot toast as the wax melts like butter.

  • Care Instructions for Raw Honeycomb

    Honey taken above 42C is no longer considered raw, and in a hive bees keep honey at a constrant 34.5C

    Because CMG Honeybee honeycomb is raw, IT WILL naturally become candied/crystalized. The honey is still perfectly ok to consume and an indication that you have real raw honey. Depending on the floral combination and temperature this can happen quickly or slowly and may be course or fine grained. 

    If you prefer runny or softer honey, then stand the jar in fairly warm water (no more that 40C) to soften and wait patiently. Repeat if necessary. Microwaving honey will destroy any benificial food properties that were contained in it.