Carmel became fascinated by bees in 2012 after discovering a feral beehive in a bungalow wall where she was renting.

Her landlord offered to send out an exterminator, but instead Carmel asked if she could keep the hive once it was removed.

She found a local mentor in Sunshine who taught her how to collect swarms.

“I collected one swarm and another one, and the hunger for knowledge grew as well as my love of bees,” she said.

At the time, she was working at Yarraville West Primary School, with staff often asking her for honey. Carmel said that inspired her to turn her hobby into a profession in 2016.

She spent two seasons working for a beekeeper and went on to set up her own business, CMG Honeybee in 2019. 

Carmel now offers wellBEEing education in childcare centres, schools & community groups, coaching & workshops, raw honey and beeswax. Carmel has a joyous, passionate, heart centred approach and is an active member of the beekeeping community in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

What People are saying - Sushma Swamy

Absolutely love this honey. My family have suffered terribly from seasonal allergies for years. Since using the honey, they have not suffered from allergies. Wonderful staff and great customer service to add to the experience.

Thank you!

What People are saying - Nicola Kean

I can't recommend CMG Honeybee highly enough. Having had no previous experience but keen to become a hobby beekeeper I undertook the 2 day introduction class and came away with a wealth of knowledge and the confidence to make a start.
Carmel has been a wonderful mentor and ongoing support for me and my hives. I'm still learning and it helps to know that she is available to book in one off mentoring if and when i need it. Thank you Carmel, I and our bee community are very lucky to have you.