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Basic Intro to Beekeeping. Covers the basic research & things to consider before starting out in Beekeeping. 

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Thinking of becoming a beekeeper?
Spring is the best time to get started.

Just imagine a personal mentor
to to be there with you through every
visit as you take your first steps as a beekeeper.
I'm here to help, if you live within 30mind drive from Tarneit. There are plans to suit you needs and budget, ranging from 
a one off appointment or a Basic Plan, through to FULL Mentoring.
If you have questions feel free to call me for a chat on 0413066213.

Please note that ALL mentoring
must be within a
30 min drive of Tarneit

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Carmel became fascinated by the yellow-and-black insects in 2012 after discovering a beehive at a bungalow she was renting.

Her landlord offered to send out an exterminator, but instead Carmel asked if she could keep the hive once it was removed.

She found a mentor in Sunshine beekeeper Angela Cassela, who taught her how to collect swarms.

“I collected one swarm and another one, and the hunger grew and my love of bees grew,” she said.

“The number of hives I had went from one to five.”

At the time, she was working at Yarraville West Primary School, with staff often asking her for honey. Carmel said that inspired her to turn her hobby into a profession.

She spent two seasons working for a beekeeper and went on to set up her own business, CMG Honeybee and now offers education, coaching & workshops, raw honey, beeswax, wraps and bee bio-security services .Carmel is also the Vice President of the Werribee beekeeper’s group, Werribeeks.



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