Looking to start beekeeping?

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Basic Intro to Beekeeping. Covers the basic research & things to consider before starting out in Beekeeping. 

$5 investment will save you


research & dead ends. 


Need some extra help with your beekeeping journey? There are 2 ways I can help. 1:1 mentoring at your place or ONLINE Mentoring through Hive Buddy

a NEW and EXCITING platform all about Bees and Beekeeping. Both of these services can be found in the SERVICES section of this website. 

Or for a direct link to check out Hive Buddy click HERE https://members.hivebuddy.com/share/ZdglcdJyQa3MNy6R?utm_source=manual 

Experience Learn to make beautiful

hand-rolled 100% beeswax candles.

Feel the therapeutic oils on your hands as you work with the wax. Give yourself an afternoon to make something special for yourself or a loved one.

Saturday 7th May at 2pm in Tarneit. Maximum size class 20.

Follow this link and book in today https://bit.ly/3rU0QlI

For more workshop requests,or talks, catered to your needs call 0413066213